Journal of Agro-Sciences and Technology

Journal of Agro Sciences and Technology is an Open Access e-Journal dedicated to aspects of research in Agricultural Sciences and Technology and has the following sub-themes (alphabetically):-

Agribusiness, Extension and Technology Transfer: Value links, marketing, trade, entrepreneurship, advances in extension approaches, paradigm shift in research and technology transfer.

Environment and Natural Resources Management: Land resources and their management, Water resources and their management, Biodiversity, Environment, Climate change and mitigation

Food and Nutritional Security: Crop/Animal/Food production, value addition, post-harvest, Nutrition, food safety and waste management.

Gender, Policy and Governance in Agriculture: Gender and policy issues in agriculture, research and development, Vision 2030, global partnership for development.

Sustainable Dryland Ecosystems and Societies: Dryland ecosystems and their management, Biodiversity, Restoration of degraded drylands, Livestock production, Livelihood impacts, Resilience, Climate change adaptation and mitigation.


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