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The journal is devoted to the publication of articles dealing with issues of Research and Development, and Technology and Innovation in addition to basic and applied sciences research. The scope of the journal would encompass disciplines within the Basic and Applied sciences namely; Chemistry, Meteorology, Geology, Physical Geography, Physics and Mathematics.

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Vol 4 (2020): Africa Journal of Physical Sciences

Africa Journal of Physical Sciences June 2020

Table of Contents


A comparison of the socio-economic status of female-headed and male-headed households in Kenya: Use of Ordinal Logistic Regression PDF
Agnes Mwangi
A climate-smart agriculture approach using double digging, Zai pits and Aquacrop model in rain-fed sorghum cultivation at Wiyumiririe location of Laikipia County, Kenya PDF
Peter Mwangi
An artificial neural network model for predicting maize prices in Kenya PDF
Timothy Wamalwa
Electrocatalytic reduction and characterization of Tetrachlorvinphos in acetonitrile-water (1:1) media in presence of cyanocobalamin PDF
Zachary Nkunu
A comparison of parametric methods of modeling mosquito survival using temperature and age-dependent mosquito survival data PDF
Gideon Nyakundi
Extending usability of old terrestrial fibre optic cables in Third-World Economic Zones PDF
Alix Dehayem-Kamadjeu
Understanding and explaining observed variability in microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (maser) sources in NGC 6334 I PDF
Jairous Banda
Advancing understanding and modeling of climate processes for provision of deterministic climate information for sustainable development in Kenya and Eastern Africa PDF
Joseph Mutemi
Organochlorine pesticides in rain, rivers and groundwater in the Lake Naivasha basin and implications for their management PDF
Lydia Olaka
Application of GDGT-derived temperature proxies on Mt. Kenya PDF
Christine Omuombo

ISSN: 2313-3317

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