Comparative Study on Insecticidal Activity of Permethrin with Dust Formulated Essential Oils of Monodora myristica, Syzgum caryophyllatum (L) Alston and Pinus slvestris

Segun ADEBISI, Hezekiah AWOJIDE, Roheemat BAKARE, Samuel ADEDOTUN


A study was conducted to determine the insecticidal activity of essential oils of Monodora myristica African Nutmeg, Pinus sylvestris pine essential oil and Syzgum caryophyllatum (l) alston clove essential oil on Acanthoscelides obtectus bean weevil, Camponotus pennsylvanicus Carpenter ant and Sitophilus oryzae rice weevil at different exposure time. The essential oils were obtained from the plant materials by steam distillation using Clavenger type apparatus. The major components of the essential oils were determined using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. The essential oils were formulated with clay and chalk which serve as the carrier 5%w/w using acetone as the co-solvent. A control formulation was also prepared by mixing 1.5ml of the acetone with chalk and clay respectively. It was observed that the essential oil of Syzgum caryophyllatum (l) alston has the highest insecticidal activities followed by Monodora myristica and lastly Pinus sylvestris. Permethrin also has high insecticidal activities but depreciate fast on exposure. The major components of essential oil of Pinus sylvestry are α-pinene 27.17%, 3-Cyclo 21.82%, borneol 6.75%, Syzgum caryophyllatum (l) alston constituents are eugenol 75.90%, Eugenol acetate 17.53%, benzene, 1-ethyl-3-nitro 9.12%, benzoic acid, 3-(1-methylethyl) 7.95% and β–caryophyllene 5.91% and Monodora myristica with Linalool 91%, Sabinol-cis 17.87%, tr-13-octadecenoie 25.18% and palmitic acid 7.66%. The essential oils of Pinus sylvestry, Monodora myristica and Syzgum caryophyllatum (l) alston have insecticidal activity .



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