KIJ is currently working on an online manuscript submission system. Meanwhile, ensure you have all the documents and submit them as email attachment to Faith Kinanu, KIJ Administrative Manager at both of the following addresses:

1.    faith.kinanu[a] 
2.    kij[a] 

You are encouraged to ensure you’ve observed all the items on the checklist below:


As the Principal Investor, I confirm that:

  1. We have reviewed and complied with the Paper Submission Guidelines.
  2. Our work answers the question, “What is the significance of our research?”
  3. We have checked that the abstract and conclusions accurately reflect the content of our work.
  4. We have explained all abbreviations, technical, or scientific terms unique to the topic researched.
  5. Our submission includes applicable in-text citations, graphs, and data/table as needed.
  6. We have verified that sources listed in the reference section correspond to the in-text citations.
  7. All co-authors have read, revised, critiqued, and approved the work being submitted.
  8. We have spell-checked and read our work thoroughly, resolving all grammatical and other writing errors.

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