Same Story: Different Narratives

The papers in this Issue address different concerns of women from different perspectives ranging from constitution-making to theology. The authors articulate the concerns of women in development, governance, politics as well as other domains. They seek to demonstrate the different pathways through which women have articulated their concerns. While it is up to the reader to determine whether the different pathways are expressions of African feminism, it is clear that women have a broad range of concerns and can harness different media to communicate these concerns. For instance, by telling their own stories, women have demonstrated that they are a legitimate source of information.


Table of Contents


Women’s Organising for Self Improvement in Colonial and Post Colonial Kenya: A Historical Analysis PDF
Mildred Ndeda
Introduction - Chief Editor PDF
Patricia Kameri Mbote
Women and Political Governance in Africa: A Feminist Perspective PDF
Maria Nzomo
Women’s Experiences as Sources of Public and Legitimate Knowledge: Constitution Making in Kenya PDF
Wanjiku Mukabi Kabira
Feminism, Culture and Development in Africa PDF
Ciarunji Chesaina
The Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians and Their Engagement in Public Theology: A Pathway to Development PDF
Philomena Njeri Mwaura
Barriers Faced By Women-Owned Businesses: Perspectives of Women from East African Community PDF
Lucia Mary Mbithi
Reflections on Feminism and Development in Africa: The Case of Kenya PDF
Nancy Baraza, Nkatha Kabira

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