Journal of Human Nutrition Dietetics Food Sciences and Technology

This biannual peer reviewed international journal, is a University of Nairobi scientific journal that is published under the aegis of the Department of Food Science Nutrition and Technology. Articles are submitted to the Executive Editor and then sent to reviewers whose opinion form the base on which they are accepted, rejected or returned to the author(s) for enhancement.

The harian journal is an International peer-reviewed, open access, online journal
covering all aspects of Nutrition, Dietetics, Food (science, processing and safety), and closely related disciplines. As part of University of Nairobi platform, the journal supports the scientific invention, innovation and progress in Food, Nutrition and related agriculture, food security, and consumer disciplines. It provides a forum for researchers, academics, practitioners and industrial workers to disseminate their findings.

Its purpose is to provide a platform for sharing highly scientific cutting edge research products, allow young scientists (students) to air their works and also reach out to make visible community knowledge and innovations. Engaging communities, hence inclusion of articles in Swahili, in contributing to the journal will cause a paradigm shift in perception of generation of knowledge as communities actively engage in producing, demanding and utilising research products and showcase their innovations.

The community outreach on a continuous plane demystifies scientific research and empower citizens as they increasingly recognise the need and
usefulness of research and understand their role in demanding for relevant
and utilization of research for their wellbeing hence actively participate in the utilization of research products. Young scientists will get a platform to publish abstracts from their research work hence enhance their visibility.


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