Vol 4, No 4 (2015)

African Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

Table of Contents


In vitro and in vivo antiplasmodial activity of extracts of selected Kenyan medicinal plants PDF
Pascaline Jeruto, Ruth Nyangacha, Charles Mutai
Toxicological Assessment of Co-treatment with Rifampicin and Tenofovir on Serum Electrolytes and Kidney Histology of Albino Rats PDF
Elias Adikwu, Rejoice O Igbans, Nelson Brambaifa
Acute toxicity studies of Catharanthus roseus aqueous extract in male Wistar rats PDF
Zelipha N Kabubii, James M Mbaria, Mathiu Mbaabu
Herbal remedies and other risk factors for preterm birth in rural Kenya PDF
Albert N Kaburi, Margaret O Oluka, Rose J Kosgei, Nicholas C Mulwa, Charles K Maitai
The lipid lowering effect of the aqueous root extract of Morinda lucida in albino rats fed on a high cholesterol diet PDF
Josephine O Owolabi, Silvanus O Innih, Uyiosa Igbinadolor, Ibrahim O Otokiti
CYP2D6*17 polymorphism and tardive dyskinesia in black psychotic patients on typical antipsychotics PDF
Josiah T Masuka, Star Khoza, Dixon Chibanda, Walter Mangezi, Charles FB Nhachi
Abandonment of treatment and loss to follow up: a potential cause of treatment failure in patients with AIDS-related Kaposi’s sarcoma PDF
Jayne M Kivai, Anastasia N Guantai, Walter O Mwanda, Timothy E Maitho
Patterns of Prescribing Practices in Makueni County Referral Hospital, Kenya PDF
Nicholas C Mulwa, George O Osanjo, Stanley N Ndwigah, Albert N Kaburi, Gichuru Muriuki
Effect of Irbesartan on Glucose Tolerance in a Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Mouse Model PDF
Japhet Mangoyi, Star Khoza

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