Aremu M Ayanda, Olodo H Bukola, Aremu M Adeyemi, Sunday Mercy


The collapse of most organization in Nigeria to sustain and raise productivity was billedto employees’ opposition to technological change. The major objective of the study is toexamine how to sustain workforce and organizational productivity during technologicalchange in consumers’ goods industry. Purposive sampling technique was used for thestudy. The sample was selected from the population of 400 staff of 7UP BottlingCompany Plc Ilorin. The study sample size was 200 and the total number of 174questionnaire representing 87% of the sample size were returned and analyzed.Primary data was used to gather information from respondents through questionnaire.Data were analyzed using simple percentage, frequency distribution analysis and simpleregression analysis. Findings revealed that technological change has significant effect onemployees and organizational productivity. It was concluded that for technologicalchange to be effective, organizations must not neglect the roles employees in activity ofgoods and services. The study recommended that employers should consider growth ofworkers skills during training, apprentice and increase in order to recover the generalperformance in consumers’ goods industry. Implication of the study is that employeesmust be prepared to adjust to change in the organizations because it has constructiveimpact on the organizational productivity. Consumers goods industry are stronglyencouraged to be conscious of timing they introduce changes. The study further implythat there is awful need for training and retraining of staff and effectively communicatethe magnitude of technological change and its consequences in short and long scuttle onthe life of the organizations and employees.

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