Firm-Level Strategy and Performance of Food and Beverage Manufacturing Companies in Kenya

Dominic C Muteshi, Zachary B Awino, Reginah K Kitiabi, Ganesh P Pokhariyal


The influence of firm-level strategy on organizational performance in manufacturingcompanies continues to be a dominant discussion in the recent past. The paper isdetermining firm-level strategy and performance connections in of food and beveragemanufacturing companies in Kenya. The results are built on a survey of top executive’sopinion on firm-level strategy and execution in their factories. The study used crosssectional
design of the sector that delivered data in a structured questionnaire. Thehypothesis was tested using simple regression analysis. The study showed thatcorporate-level strategy was statistically insignificant on financial performance.However, firm-level strategy on combined organizational performance was statisticallysignificant.

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